Monday, July 30, 2007

Questions to be answered on a TR series

I'll be writing questions about Tom Riddle's life here. Questions that have never been asked or answered.

- Did he ever played Quidditch for the Hogwarts Slytherin team?
- Did he went to Hogsmeade? If he did, who signed his permission?
- Did he stayed at the orphanage during summer?

Drop your questions on the comment box


TRS said...

TRS appreciates your help on this one.

Leave any questions you have about Tom Riddle's life in the comment box bellow.

Questions that have never been asked or answered may do an important part on a possible future series about this character.

Ophelia said...

Perhaps back in the 40s the permission slip system hadn't been enforced yet. I think that's more of a modern thing.