Monday, July 16, 2007

About Tom Riddle Story (TRS)

The purpose of this blog is to gather the facts around Tom Riddle and collect ideas that could support a series of books based on this character. The hope is that the author, J.K. Rowling take in consideration writing a series of books about the rise of Lord Voldemort and the beginning of the first war.

I had this idea a while ago when re-reading HBP. I suddenly realized that after 21st of July there would be no more Harry Potter books to wait for. It would be kind of sad leave the amazing world of wizardry that Harry Potter has made us live. And then I found my self asking why not live in that world a little bit more? Why not see the events before Harry Potter birth. It wasn't new, George Lukas did it width Star Wars, and probably there are similar situations out there. A light of hope filed me with the remote possibility that J.K. would someday consider writing about the young Tom Riddle.

This blog is for people like me, that believe there are things to find out about Tom Riddle that may give amazing stories that would transport us to the Harry Potter Universe once more.

I am writing this before the launch of DH. This means J.K Rowling could have made revelations on the last book that will make a Tom Riddle series completely unnecessary and width nothing new to give. This means I am in an internal conflict, the curiosity to know all about the past of Voldemort and the fact that if all is known there will be no room for books about Tom Riddle. Lets wait and see...

- added Wednesday, July 25, 2007 -
I have finished reading DH. Once more JKR transports the reader side by side width Harry into an amazing adventure. The Boy Who Lived... twice, has been width us for many years and I fell sad that he will not be returning on more adventures. I think that, like in the song... "all good things come to an end". But it was not Harry's end, I am sure he lives a long happy life along width his family and friends.

But this blog is not about the end. It's about the beginning, the beginning that started when the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin was born. I am absolutely convinced that there is much still unanswered around the life of the young Tom Riddle (and other characters). And what we still don't know, I am sure, can give amazing stories. My quest begins...


callowayt1 said...

so do you know if JKR has actually ever considered writing this part of the hp story?

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculously late to reply to this but just found it, hope you still see this! I feel exactly the same way about it, i am a young writer and i love the HP books! I have planned out 4 books about the rise of Voldemort, the first being on his childhood, the 2nd of his first 4 years at hogwarts, the 3rd about his last 3 years at hogwarts and the creation of voldemort, and the 4th one being on the first war. I am busy collecting every scrap of info i can to make them as good as possible!